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Top 5 Listening to English Websites

Before you can speak a language, you have to first learn how to listen to it. Listening to a language can help you understand basic vocabulary, sentence structure, meanings of phrases, correct pronunciations, how a conversation is carried, etc. The easiest and most cost efficient way to listen to English is by taking advantage of free resources online. If you are aiming to learn English, here are the top five websites online that can help you improve your English listening skills.

  1. 5 Minute English -
    This link contains many different English listening exercises. Each listening exercise relates to a different topic and has an audio file of people talking. Some of the topics are as follows: the birthday party, asking about restaurants, the job interview, shopping for clothes, the new apartment, etc. Each exercise shows the dialogue and vocabulary of words and phrases from the conversations with definitions. Quizzes for each exercise are also available to help you check your understanding of what you have listened to.

  2. Learn English Conversation Study Speaking Listening Reading Writing YouTube Channel -
    This YouTube channel provides multiple videos for you to watch in order to improve your English listening skills. These videos show people in different situations having conversations with each other. The actors in the videos talk slow, loud, and clear so conversations can be easily followed. Watching these videos will give you more exposure to the English language in an everyday setting.

  3. Talk English -
    This site offers multiple English listening lessons at the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. Each lesson is broken down into three steps. The first step is to listen to the dialogue that is provided. The second step is to answer questions that are based on the dialogue. After this step, you are allowed to see what questions you got right and wrong. The last step shows the conversation dialogue. This can help you see what you may have missed while listening and allows you to re-listen to the dialogue while following along with the script. Participating in these practice lessons can really aid you in your listening and reading skills.

  4. Listen to English Sounds -
    This website provides a comprehensive framework of English sounds with numerous examples of the different sounds for people who are learning English. The purpose of the examples is to help listeners improve their ability to hear and then reproduce all of the sounds they will need to know in order to speak. These exercises help with pronunciation, accent reduction, speaking, and listening. Each audio example is accompanied with written dialogue and notes, and related exercises to improve skills in English. These sounds can be listened to online and used for practice 24/7 at no cost for members, and membership is also free. The examples given are using American English (USA and Canada).

  5. British Council – Learn English -
    This link provides a variety of resources for listening to English. British Council offers audio files and videos that can be listened to, watched online, or downloaded for personal devices. The site provides a diverse range of what to listen to in English. For example, Big City Small World is a free podcast series that feature a young group of friends who get together to talk at a coffee shop. This series along with many other series on the site also come with many exercises and activities to help test you on what you have learned and listened to. Other podcast series British Council offers include Word on the Street, Britain is Great, Overcooked, Stories & Poems, and "How to" videos.

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