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ESL Resources For Tutors

ESL Resources For Tutors

You have taken on the commitment of tutoring ESL and, though you know you are capable of the task, a little guidance wouldn’t hurt. There are tons of free resources for ESL tutors online, available to guide you through the teaching process and make sure that your student gets the information they need in order to be successful in their studies. Explore some of the great resources available and get started teaching!

Using English is a top site for free ESL resources. They’ve been up and running since 2002, and have since then created tons of articles, reference pages, quizzes, and handouts to make your job easier. The site focuses primarily on British English, but this varies amongst the resources. They even have a few forums, some specifically for ESL teachers, used to discuss any issues, questions, or concerns that may arise during your tutoring. This is a great site for tutors and students alike, so send your students this way so they can utilize some of the tools this site has to offer.

ESL About has an excellent compilation of advice and suggestions for ESL tutors. The site emphasizes the multilayered elements of the English language and includes videos, quizzes, and activities that can be used as aids when tutoring. There are also lesson plans for tutors and advice on planning your own lesson so that you won’t have to depend on others’ resources to feel like you have a lesson that works.

ESL Gold has some of the most helpful resources on the web—for both teachers and students. The site is well organized and offers advice for tutors on how to teach the varying aspects of English—from speaking to writing and everything in between. As a tutor, you will find exercises and activities on a variety of subjects, divided into five different comprehension levels, making it easy to find an exercise that fits into your student’s skill level.

ESL Site helps guide you through the various hurdles of teaching and offers advice on how to approach different aspects of teaching. Each article is rated by users so that you have an idea of how the advice has worked for others. Not only are there advice and activities for specific categories of ESL, but there are also general teacher assessments so that you can have a better understanding of what you need to improve upon in your teaching.

Busy Teacher is full of free worksheets and other resources submitted by fellow ESL tutors and teachers, providing a sharing space where everyone can help one another grow. From worksheets to articles on all kinds of topics, you’re sure to find some useful tidbits here. The site also includes templates to build your own puzzles and word searches so that you can customize your activities to fit your lessons easily.

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