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Top 3 Resume Examples for International Students Studying in the US

Because these resumes are going to domestic institutions, it’s important that they follow the United States general format. Although the section heading for each individual might differ based on previous work experience and/or level of activity involvement, a couple of things will never change. The resume should optimally fit on a single page, no picture of yourself should be included. No information that would allow an employer to discriminate against you should be disclosed on you resume, pictures are not necessary when sending your resume to a potential employer, and your name and contact information should always be at the top. Below are three sample resumes. The first two are resumes with common mistakes followed by a description of how these resumes could be improved and also how they could be considered successful. The third resume is a good example of what you should strive for when making your own resume.

Sarah Qi Resume Page 1 Sample
Sarah Qi Resume Page 2 Sample

POSITIVES: Sarah Qi’s formatting is very clear and concise. She very clearly outlines her responsibilities and objectives. Her objective is well defined and her experience is all related and listed appropriately. Sarah Qi also has a very domestic feeling resume; her heading with contact information is at the top, and the resume excludes a personal photograph and unnecessary information.

NEGATIVES: Her experiences are not in chronological order (her newest experience should be listed at the top, not the bottom). Although the formatting is clear, it is not aesthetically pleasing nor does it occupy space efficiently; it leeks over its one-page limit when it could very easily format down to a single page. I also personally prefer when education is listed right below the objective and computing skills and experience is listed after. She also misses a date for the years she is enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin. She does not highlight skills that make her unique from domestic students.

Michelle Patel Resume Sample

POSITIVES: The resume meets the one-page requirement and lists all of her accomplishments so that there are easy to read and not muddled by overzealous terminology.

NEGATIVES: The font of the resume changes after her name is written and some of the bullets end with periods, some do not; it is important to stay consistent throughout your resume. Dates should be written as month year to month year (ex. June 2010 – July 2011 NOT Early my senior year - … or Summer 2010 - …). You also do not need to start every bullet point with a pronoun, starting with a past tense or present tense action verb is easier to read and more helpful to your reader. Michelle should also have a more diverse vocabulary present in her resume and double check her grammar so she gives the best impression to her readers. Similar to the previous resume, Michelle's resume does not highlight the background or skills that distinguish her from domestic students or applicants.

Jessica Ramirez Resume Sample

POSITIVES: This resume is a page long, and contains all the necessary information. It avoids disclosing unnecessary information and is consistent in its professional formatting. Her objective is clearly stated with the specific position she is interested in fulfilling. Her Skills & Abilities section is robust; each skill is coupled with a concrete example as to when that ability was executed. Her jobs and personal experiences are detailed and are very relevant to the position she is seeking. This resume also highlights differences from domestic students including her language proficiency and her experience with cultural diversity and appreciation. Overall her resume does a good job at pinpointing her strong points both in her personality and personal experiences and in her professional experiences.

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