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Top 5 English Exercises

Testing yourself is key to finding out if all of the studying you’ve been doing has actually paid off and to be sure that your learning methods are working. If you’re looking to test your English language progress, then you’ve come to the right place. After searching through the vast realms of the Internet, now presented to you are some of the best English exercise resources out there. So no excuses—get practicing!

Learn English Today is an online resource that offers a long list of grammar exercises, varying from online to printable, that cover a wide realm of grammar rules, including specific exercises designed for business grammar. The website also features grammar lessons, idiom lists, games, and activities that will be valuable in your English learning journey.

Learn English Teens is, you guessed it, designed for teenagers learning English, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t benefit from it too! The site features listening, reading, and writing exercises with comprehension tests. In addition to these exercises are fun grammar, vocab, and phrasal videos that help you learn the material, and comprehensive tests to test your overall learning progress. Plus, if all the studying gets to be too much, you can take one of their "study breaks", which include fun activities that help strengthen your English skills as well as give your mind a bit of a breather.

English Maven is home to some unique exercises that will help you have a more well-rounded understanding of the English language and all of its quirks. This site is especially useful in terms of spelling, and includes paragraph correction exercises that help you pick out some of those tricky mistakes. There are also exercises and lessons centered around synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms, so that you can understand English beyond the basics.

English Test offers thousands of quizzes on a variety of English language subjects, from grammar to business English, as well as common errors and idioms so that you will not only know how to speak English, but to test your ability to speak and understand it as a native speaker would.

Google Play English Grammar Exercises is an app that offers a variety of English language grammar exercises accessible right on your phone, along with verb charts and lessons to go with them, so you can practice your English grammar wherever you go!

Or if the reason you were here was to learn English while you exercise, we’ve got your back for that one too!

Okay, maybe you should stick to the first five.

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