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TEFL Certification in Victoria BC

A TEFL certificate refers to the proper certification for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. A TEFL certificate is the ticket to a number of academic, professional, and travel opportunities. TEFL certification allows you to teach students, travel worldwide, and gain essential life experiences through teaching while making a decent salary. Employers look highly upon people who go abroad to work in a different country. Acquiring TEFL certification and working as an ESL teacher gives individuals the right experience that employers favor. Teaching overseas is highly unique and gives individuals a competitive advantage when applying to jobs upon their return. If you are looking to receive TEFL certification in Victoria, British Colombia, here is the top three most accredited places to do so.

  1. University of Victoria – Continuing Studies

  2. This TEFL program is part of University of Victoria’s Continuing Studies division of education. This class is for native English speakers looking to teach English as a foreign language mainly in an overseas country. These classes are offered during the fall and spring semesters. The site asserts that the course is not only a solid foundation for ESL teaching but will also provide the skills needed to teach confidently and find employment at any school. This course aims to incorporate theory and application so students can gain appropriate learning experience to be able to feel comfortable teaching English as a foreign language.

  3. Canada TESL – Training Centre

  4. VIA Training Centre offers program classes under the topic of “Teaching English as a Second Language". These program classes are offered both online and in-person, giving you the freedom to choose based on your learning style. While the 270 fulltime option is a 10 week program in the classroom, the 120 fulltime option is only 4 weeks. The 120 online option is a self-pace online program and the 270 online option is a fast-paced online program. The online programs also have tutors to help you with your TEFL/TESL studies. Each program requires a 20 hour practicum as well. VIA Training Center’s goal is to provide the most current and practical English teaching techniques in an enthusiastic and energetic atmosphere.

  5. Oxford Seminars –

  6. Established in 1992, Oxford Seminars is the leading provider of TEFL certification courses all across Canada. This 100 hour course provides the knowledge and skills necessary in order to become a successful and efficient ESL teacher. The Oxford Seminars website outlines the course showing the topics that will be covered in class each for each day. Day 3 focuses on the basics of teaching such as teaching English grammar, vocabulary, reading, speaking and listening, lesson plans, etc. Day 5 focuses on job skills such as writing resumes and cover letters, job interviews for teaching positions, and pre-departure planning, culture shock, and adaptation.

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