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English Exercises Online

Practicing exercises online is likely the most convenient and cost efficient way to learn English if you don’t have another person to practice with. From multiple choice quizzes to fun grammar games, here are my top website picks where you can find quality English exercises.

  1. English 4 U -
    This site contains over 300 English grammar exercises which were specially made for ESL and EFL students. English 4 U provides many lessons, lists, and examples on numerous English grammar topics. The grammar exercises specifically test tenses, mixed tenses, questions, pronouns, and prepositions. The site also offers many readings, fill-ins, crosswords, texts, and quizzes on a variety of topics such as countries and cities.

  2. English Exercises -
    This website provides hundreds of English exercises that cover topics such as vocabulary, grammar, listening, songs, etc. These exercises have been created by English language teachers all over the world. Each English exercise is a unique game that focuses on a specific topic. Though anyone can play and learn, these English exercise games would definitely appeal to elementary and middle school children who are looking to learn English in a fun way.

  3. Perfect English Grammar -
    This website offers multiple resources to help you learn English. Perfect English Grammar contains simple and well-explained grammar lessons, videos on different grammatical aspects, and printable exercises on a variety of topics. The English exercises can also be done online and answers can be checked automatically. The site provides short, detailed lessons on certain topics with corresponding exercises.

  4. English Test Store -
    This link offers numerous different kinds of free English tests and exercises. This website is ideal to practice your English skills especially if you are planning to take a test such as the TOEFL, TOEIC, SAT, GRE, and GMAT. English Test Store provides tests for grammar, listening, reading, speaking, vocabulary, etc. The tests are comprehensive and give explanations for each question. The site offers tests for English learners at all levels such as basic, intermediate, and advanced.

  5. Speakspeak -
    This website is a great English language resource especially for people who are just starting to learn English. The site presents many grammar explanations and interactive practice exercises. The exercises on this site are offered for English learners at different skill levels from beginner to advanced. There are a range of English grammar topics to learn and practice on this site and tests are given in a multiple choice or gap-fill format. Along with multiple exercises, Speakspeak provides many helpful resources such as grammar rules, vocabulary, pronunciation tips, etc.

  6. Learn English Today -
    This link provides a good number of printable and online exercises for English grammar. Most of the exercises are in a multiple choice test format and feedback is given right away. In addition to the exercises, quizzes, and word games, Learn English Today provides a lot of different and fun resources for students to learn English in alternative ways. For example, the site provides pages on idioms, proverbs, famous quotations, English newspapers, and radio-tv.

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