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College Student Summer Internships

College students often have trouble finding a good job because they are usually only available to work for a few months in between semesters. However, there are many great college student summer internships available for those who look for them in more places than just the traditional career fairs hosted by many colleges and universities. The internet now allows you to search and find jobs with ease, connecting you with employers locally and all around the world. Along with looking on, which offers great summer internship opportunities for those who look, college students seeking a summer internship should search online at some of the websites mentioned below. Getting a summer internship can be a great way to get relevant job experience and make some money, the trick to getting a good one as a college student is just knowing where to look.

There are many kinds of internships out there, both paid and unpaid. Getting a paid internship position in your field of study can be one of the best ways to spend your summer. If you are looking for college student summer internships, you should check several internet sites for positions you would like to take. Take the time to look through several sites and find many options. is a great place to go for summer internships. Employers list their information on this site, and you can search for internship positions in a few different ways. You can find jobs near you, for a particular employer, by field of study, or by the date added. is one of the best summer internships search engines for college students on the web. You can search internships by the industry they are involved in, such as federal jobs, intelligence jobs, public policy jobs, foreign services jobs, and military jobs. There are also tons of great advice articles and resources to help you find the best internship you can. There are tips about being interviewed, how to act around bosses, and networking.

This site even has information on how to create resumes in general, as well as how to create resumes targeted towards specific fields such as education, finance, government, art, law, and marketing. They also offer video resources to help you find summer internships as a college student that cover interviewing, having internships, and social networking on the internet.

Students and interns can find links to many great student discounts through ThinkIntern. Interns can save up to 90% on magazines from, and also get 250 free business cards from Vista Print. Netflix and AT&T also offer deals – Netflix offers 30 days of movies for free, and AT&T will take 50 dollars off the purchase of any smartphone. As you can see, if you take the time to look, you can find some great offers and opportunities for college students as interns.

Summer internships can be great for college students, but don't forget that you are on vacation. It's good to take some time off now and then to relax and enjoy yourself. However, a summer internship in your field can be a great experience. You can learn a bit about what life will be like in your field, and maybe even make some money. Even if your internship is unpaid, it will often be part-time, so you can have some free time to get a job or relax. You won't regret kick-starting your career with an internship.

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