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English as a Foreign Language in Hospitals

Communication is important when working in a hospital environment, and whether you’re still working on your English as a whole or if it’s only the medical aspect you need assistance on, you’ll find resources made for Medical English useful in you accumulation of vocabulary and phrases. Check out these sites and begin expanding your English so that you feel comfortable working or participating in the medicinal field.

Hospital English is a good place to start in order to gain the skills necessary to communicate in a hospital environment. The site and resources were created by a licensed US pharmacist who has experience teaching EFL and is currently teaching EFL in a nursing school in Japan. Though not extensive, the site provides useful information on the topics it does have to offer, included hospital procedures, medical equipment, and medication.

Many Things has compiled a list of Voice of America news reports that focus on health and medicine, so that those interested in the medical field can simultaneously improve their English comprehension skills and expand their vocabulary as they listen to relevant, interesting news reports.

Business English Site offers fill-in-the-blank and matching vocabulary exercises for various medical professionals, including doctors, pharmacists, and dentists. These exercises will help you practice foundational vocabulary that will help you as you become active in the English speaking medical field.

YouTube’s Medical English Playlist by user Mrs. Boss is a compilation of 101 videos that this user deemed helpful to those in the medical field trying to learn English. The videos are from a wide variety of channels, and some are made for specifically for EFL students while others are not. Check out what this playlist has to offer and you’ll find a wide variety of lessons, reports, and discussions on medicine, procedures, and hospitals. This playlist is a good go-to, but don’t hesitate to explore what else YouTube has to offer!

ESL About has valuable resources for ESL learners, including those focusing on the medical side of things. Many of the articles focus on general dialogue that occurs between medical professionals and patients and includes key vocabulary.

It would also be helpful to find an online medical dictionary that functions from English to your native language. There are many such tools free online, though no comprehensive medical dictionary that works with multiple languages, so search for one in your own language or try using WordReference or other basic multilingual dictionaries and see if they help!

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