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6 Sites for Learning English Vocabulary

English Vocabulary Exercises

We all know that one of the most important components of language is vocabulary. The journey may start with simple auditory communication, but eventually knowing vocabulary is crucial because it is the foundation for learning grammar, writing, spelling, and how to speak a new language. The English vocabulary is infinite and people, even native speakers, can find themselves learning new words every day. Whether you are starting to learn English or would like to learn more than what you already know, here are some reviews for online resources that I’ve found to help you increase your English vocabulary knowledge.

  1. Learn English Feel Good -
    This website contains a variety of vocabulary exercises on many different topics. The vocabulary exercises are test-like and formats range from multiple choice to fill-in-the-blanks. Each exercise focuses on a certain topic and includes the most common words and expressions related to that topic. Some of the vocabulary topics include emotions and feelings, food/cooking, weather/climate, at a party, shopping, the language of sports, and much more. This is a great site to not only learn and practice English vocabulary but to familiarize with common English words and sayings used daily.

  2. Englisch-Hilfen: Learning English Online -
    This link offers many useful vocabulary explanations and vocabulary exercises. Some English vocabulary topics that are covered include commercial English, common errors, idioms/informal English, opposites, and synonyms. Another helpful page is "Confusing Words in English" which shows explanations and examples of words that may be tricky for a person just starting to learn English. The site features many exercises, quizzes, and activities on a variety of English vocabulary topics such as animals, musical instruments, parts of the body, etc. The site focuses on testing not only American English but British English as well.

  3. English Page -
    This link offers free English lessons and exercises on topics such as grammar, verb tenses, prepositions, etc. The site provides advanced vocabulary lessons covering a range of topics such as unique personalities, ordering in a restaurant, changing jobs, getting an apartment, presidential elections, and much more. Each lesson shows a list of words related to the topic each with its part of speech and definition. Once you have learned the words, you can try out the fill-in-the-blank exercises. These exercises are helpful because they help you learn how to use the words in a conversation style.

  4. ESL Gold -
    This website provides multiple resources for learning and practicing English vocabulary. Words and phrases are separated into different categories based on skill level from beginner to advanced. The vocabulary words are presented through lists and pictures. Definitions, explanations, and examples of all the words are provided as well. Many of the words and phrases have an audio option so you are able to hear the correct pronunciations. ESL Gold has academic vocabulary lists of advanced English vocabulary with corresponding exercises and offer useful pages such as tips for vocabulary study, textbook recommendations, and a vocabulary index.

  5. Vocabulary Can Be Fun! -
    Instead of endless quizzes and tests, this site offers a more fun alternative to learning vocabulary through online games. This worldwide leading vocabulary website offers a variety of games that focus on English grammatical concepts such as analogies, contractions, homophones, idioms, parts of speech, synonyms, etc. Each game is unique and offers multiple vocabulary lists from players to choose from. Some games include unscrambling words, matching, word searches, crosswords, and much more. A popular game on the site is HangMouse which is a variation of the commonly known game HangMan. The site offers many vocabulary related games that are suitable for kids and adults looking to improve their English vocabulary skills.

  6. -
    This website is a great online source to learn, practice, and test your knowledge of English vocabulary. aims to help people master words that are essential to academic and business success. This site takes a different approach to its vocabulary learning method by modeling each user’s vocabulary knowledge, predicting words that the user might not know, and teaching those words to the user. assesses your vocabulary knowledge by first asking you to answer a couple of questions from their 120,000 question bank. This free online adaptive learning system can assuredly help you improve your English vocabulary quickly and efficiently.

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