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Learn Spoken English Through Urdu Free Online

If you are an Urdu speaker interested in learning spoken English, here is a comprehensive list of the most helpful websites to help you learn English through Urdu for free online. The list is split up into different sections of words and phrases, self-teach, instructional videos, and exercises and quizzes. With dedication and practice, these sites are guaranteed to help you learn spoken English through Urdu quickly and for free.

Urdu to English Words and Phrases

Getting started on your journey to learn spoken English through Urdu, it may be most helpful to first learn commonly used words and phrases.

  1. Languages Home – Urdu to English<.li>

    This site provides a simple list of words, phrases, and questions translated from Urdu to English. The Urdu portion is written in the way the words are pronounced in the language.

  2. Omniglot – Useful Urdu Phrases

This site contains a collection of common phrases and sayings in English and Urdu. The Urdu portion is written in both how the word is pronounced and Urdu script.

Self-Teach Urdu to English

Once you have read through and learned the common phrases and sayings, you can begin to self-teach English through Urdu by reading through lessons online.

  1. Learn English Language course in Urdu

  2. This site includes a variety of lessons and topics of learning English through Urdu. Lessons start as basic as greetings and expressions and gradually advance to English grammar, tense use, and sentence structure. The lessons are well-written, easy to understand, and written in both Urdu script and English.

  3. Learn Pakistan

  4. This site comprises of "Spoken English through Urdu" lessons in articles. Article topics include Common English Sentences in Daily Life, Active and Passive Voice, Interrogative Sentences, and many more. Each article entry contains colorful pictures illustrating phrases and explanations of specific topics written in Urdu script and English.

  5. Learn English in Urdu Language

This site consists of English to Urdu lessons split up into different classes. Each class has clear explanations written in Urdu script and English. This site focuses more on teaching grammar such as explaining vowels, consonants, pronouns, adjectives, and more.

Instructional Videos Urdu to English

While some people are good at self-teaching, others learn better by listening to a teacher. An additional source of learning spoken English through Urdu is through instructional video lessons online. These videos are designed to teach you how English words and sayings are pronounced and used.

  1. Urdu to English

  2. This YouTube channel provides video lessons on a variety of topics such as moods, weather, relations, statements, interviews, etc. Each video consists of common phrases for each topic both written and pronounced in Urdu and English.

  3. Spoken English through Urdu

  4. This YouTube channel contains longer and more detailed "Spoken English through Urdu" lectures from instructor Mr. A Salahuddin, the Principal of Nafisa Spoken English Institute. In his video lessons, Salahuddin focuses more on teaching technicalities of English such as grammar, tense use, and vocabulary.

  5. Learn Online English

This website provides numerous English through Urdu video lessons from Professor Muhmmad Asad Yaqub. Professor Yaqub’s lessons are split up into 22 parts. Each video contains both written statements and face-to-face instruction from the professor.

Exercises and Quizzes

After you have learned the basics and technicalities of "Spoken English through Urdu", it is time to practice related exercises and even quiz yourself.

  1. Master Any Language – Urdu

  2. This site provides multiple resources to help you practice and test what you have learned. The site includes interactive games, flashcards, and tests. Not only are there games to test you on how words and phrases are written but there are also games by how they sound and look through pictures.

  3. English Leap – Urdu to English Quiz

This link leads you to an Urdu to English translation quiz that tests you on complex English words that are written in Urdu script. The answer choices at the end also show definitions of the words in English.

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