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Teachers receiving TEFL certification
Receive Free TEFL Certification by Volunteering
A TEFL certificate refers to the proper certification for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. A TEFL certificate is the ticket to a number of academic, professional, and travel opportunities. TEFL certification allows you to teach students, travel worldwide, and gain essential life experiences while making a decent paycheck. Unfortunately, many universities and institutions offer TEFL classes and certification only at over-whelming prices. Additionally, many offers online are outright scams. Fortunately, a non-profit conservation called Frontier offers a unique and valuable opportunity to those seeking free TEFL Certification involving volunteering.

Frontier’s mission statement is to “build sustainable livelihoods for marginalized and under resourced communities in the world’s poorest countries" and “to create solutions that are apolitical, forward-thinking, community-driven, and innovative and which take into consideration the long-term needs of low income communities." People volunteering to teach English as a foreign language in these poor, under-developed areas embraces the true meaning of Frontier’s mission statement. Frontier offers a free TEFL certificate to those willing to accomplish a 4-week volunteer teaching project at any location. To attain certification, the project requires careful preparation with the extensive TEFL Handbook and the completion of a logbook documenting 20 hours of teaching experience during the volunteer project.

According to Frontier’s website, the four steps to attain free TEFL certification through a Frontier volunteer teaching project is as follows:
  1. Sign up for a Frontier teaching project

  2. Receive the initial TEFL pack and Frontier TEFL Handbook which contains lots of ideas for lesson plans, support, and a catalogue of games to play with the children!

  3. Take part on your teaching project and complete the TEFL logbooks supplied each day to record your classes and self-assessment.

  4. Return home and send your completed TEFL logbook to Frontier in order to receive your certificate.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to gain not only a free TEFL certificate but a true learning experience that no one can take away from you. Frontier advocates that their teaching projects are life-changing and definitely one of a kind. Frontier offers volunteer teaching projects in places such as Costa Rica, Tanzania, Madagascar, Fiji, Cambodia, and so many other places world-wide. Through these projects, you will be able to experience what it is like to be a member of the local community by living with a local family, eating native food, shopping at the local market, traveling through the same transportation as locals, and so on. Additionally, due to your teaching efforts, many children will gain valuable English knowledge which will improve their lives and more importantly, their futures.

In the following passage, a young woman shares her volunteering teaching experience with Frontier in Cambodia:
I felt the whole experience was a great balance between being on holiday and being a teacher. Each school week was hugely rewarding but tiring too. The Cambodian people were so friendly and happy and the children were polite and enthusiastic. I really appreciated the constant support I received from the Frontier staff during the course of the trip and if I had any concerns they were more than happy to help me out. A member of staff was mostly at the school with us in the day and not only was this hugely useful if any issue arose whilst teaching, but it also felt like Frontier promoted a team effort and we were all working collectively. The staff was enthusiastic about teaching and constantly encouraged us (and cooked a couple of tasty meals for us!). Overall it was a unique experience that allowed me to learn a great deal about teaching, introduced me to an entirely new culture, boosted my self confidence and made me further appreciate those less fortunate. I feel that Frontier themselves provided excellent support both prior to and during my time away. I was lucky to be on the project with other volunteers who were like-minded and friendly. We all bonded during our time in Siem Reap and it was great to help one another with lesson preparations and teaching. I will miss the children but I know that Frontier will continue their productive work in Cambodia and I hope that more volunteers choose this exciting and immensely rewarding project!

For more information about TEFL certification and this exclusive opportunity visit Frontier’s website here:

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