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Cap des Rosiers in Quebec City, Canada
Top 5 Places for English Teaching Job Opportunities
If you know that you’re interested in teaching ESL but don’t know where to start your search, don’t worry. Some of the best places for ESL teaching are right here.
  • South Korea
    The U.S.’s influence on South Korea and its rapid economic growth has lead to an increase in demand for EFL teachers. Salaries are generally about $2,000 per month with supplemental benefits. You have the opportunity to teach in a variety of South Korea’s major cities, including the bustling Seoul and Busan. South Korea offers a vibrant culture with a deep history, with popular modern favorites that include K-Pop and soccer.

  • Japan
    Consistently a country where EFL teachers are in high demand, Japan offers a wealth of opportunities to live and teach. The country is home to such cultural experiences as the tea ceremony, bustling cities such as Tokyo, and the natural landscapes of Mount Fuji and the coral reefs off Okinawa. Salaries range from about $2,000-$3,000 (USD) per month, but keep in mind that living costs are less expensive, and generally includes supplemental benefits. The U.S. Embassy has provided a list of resources for more details.

  • Québec
    Canada’s predominately French-speaking province offers a unique setting that blends North American and European cultures. Though French is used for commercial signs and at-home speaking, with English as the second most prominent language (nearly half of the province’s population considers themselves to be bilingual) there is a definite English presence that encourages people to learn to speak it. The high immigrant population is also key in the prominence of ESL work in the province.

  • China
    With China’s rise in the global eye comes a greater demand for English teachers. The positions range from kindergarten to boarding schools, so there are endless options and opportunities. China is a great place to experience a culture all of its own, with unique cuisine, history, and traditions. Salaries vary between programs but, due to the high demand for teachers, are comfortable and often include supplements for housing and airfare. This post gives you all you need to know about money during your time teaching ESL in China, and this salary calculator may be helpful as well. Check out the U.S. Embassy for more details and this blog to hear some first-hand experience.

  • Chile
    There has recently been a great deal of growth in Chile’s demand for EFL teachers and its Latin American location puts a spin on the oftentimes Asia-focused opportunity. Salaries range from about $500-$1000 per month, but keep in mind the differences in cost of living. By teaching here, you’ll get to experience being immersed in Chilean Spanish, see sights like the San Rafael Glacier and Valle de la Luna, and visit the beautiful cities of Santiago and Valparaíso.

Remember that wherever you choose to teach will surely expose you to a new, exciting culture and give you countless opportunities to immerse yourself in a new language.

Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis
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