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Scenery of Norway in Reine, Lofoten
Becoming a Master of the Norwegian Language
Looking to learn Norwegian but aren’t sure where to begin? Fortunately for you, the info you need is right here. There are several ways to go about getting the Norwegian language study that you’re searching for, so consider the advice and resources listed and try them out to see what works best for you.

Connect with a Norwegian Speaker

As much as you may like to think you can learn all you need to know on your own, to really take command of a language you need the guidance and practice of working with other people. There are several ways to do this. If you’re willing to pay for lessons, you have the options of hiring a tutor or joining a class. You can look for tutors in your area through sites like Craigslist or other job posting sites, and look for classes at your local college or online. Online classes are valuable because you can learn a new language from the comfort of your own home, at your pace, on your time. Online study courses are usually very affordable and flexible and designed to fit with any schedule, including yours.

There is also the option of connecting with a language exchange partner. If you don’t know what language exchanges are, they essentially give you the opportunity to have the advantages of one-on-one tutoring for no charge but your time. The idea is that you can teach your partner valuable skills that they want to know and they can teach you what you’d like to know, like Norwegian. Of course, sites like LRNGO allow you to connect with an exchange partner near you or anywhere in the world through video chat.

Find Your Resources

In order to learn Norwegian, you’ll have to have resources to draw from. Consider which methods of study work best for you. There are tons of free resources on the web that are meant to help aid your studies. Talk with your tutor, teacher, or language exchange partner to help you pick your resources. YouTube channels, podcasts, online exercises, and other sites are all great places to search.

Make a Schedule and Stick to It

When it comes down to it, practice is the only way you will be able to learn. It is necessary to create a study plan and stick to it. Devote multiple days throughout the week to study and be sure to practice all aspects of the language, from speaking and listening to reading and writing. You can also spend free time reading books (children’s books are a good place to start for beginners) and watching Norwegian movies with subtitles for more relaxed and enjoyable practice.

Whichever methods you choose for learning Norwegian, remember that the most important part of learning a new language, or learning anything new, is to believe that you can do it. If you keep this in the forefront and continue your dedicated study, you will succeed!

Photo Credit: melenama

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A view of the Czech castle in Prague from the Vitava River
Czech Out the Basics: Learn and Teach Czech
The Czech language was often referred to as the Bohemian language in English until the 19th century. It is similar to Slovak and also has similarities to Polish and Sorbian. Today, it is spoken by about 12 million speakers worldwide and is the official language of the Czech Republic.

Learning Opportunities

Learning the Czech language can prove to have its challenges at the beginning for native English speakers, but don’t let that scare you off! There are tons of opportunities for you to build a foundation or add on to your Czech skills out there, if you know where to look.

LRNGO is a free site where you can connect with a language exchange partner and get one-on-one guidance for your Czech learning journey, for no fee. The idea is that everyone has a skill that they can teach, so why pay a tutor when you can exchange time teaching one skill for learning another? Find a partner near you or anywhere in the world and meet up via video chat.

Czech 101 offers links to Czech radio, newspapers, and television so you can practice what you’ve learned in natural situations, and give yourself a taste of the surrounding culture. The site also provides vocabulary lists, pronunciation guides, and English-Czech translation tools so that you are sure to get a broad understanding of the topic.

Learn Czech on YouTube is a great playlist compiled by Learn Czech in Prague, which gives you easy access to over sixty YouTube videos teaching you foundational Czech.

Learn Czech by Czech Class 101 is a great podcast which helps you get a grasp on the basics wherever you go—listen in the car, in a plane, in the home, or anywhere you go and start learning in your free time.

Teaching Opportunities

There are over 10-12 million Czech speakers living in the Czech Republic, another 200,000 emigrants spread across the globe, and over 90,000 Czech speakers living within the continental USA, meaning that teaching opportunities for Czech speakers span the globe.

If you’re interested in tutoring, you can post your information on sites like LRNGO and My Czech Republic. There may also be opportunities with your city’s cultural center, community college, or university, depending on your credentials.

Your Czech skills are not limited to teaching the states. There are many opportunities for teaching an English language course (ESL), or other course materials at universities in the Czech Republic. Teach Away offers great advice for ESL teachers abroad, and you can start finding available listings at Dave’s ESL Cafe, Expats, or ESL Jobs.

The American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages, whose members span across the nation, has a quarterly newsletter that is published online, an annual conference with scholarly panels, workshops, and roundtable discussions held by an energetic cross section of leading scholars. The four-day conferences focus on gathering attention to communication and aesthetic characteristics of the rich Slavic cultures, providing support to Czech teachers.

If you find yourself with the valuable skill of being able to speak Czech, put it to use and start exploring your options as a teacher!

Photo Credit: Lau Svensson

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Tutor jobs wanted
Spanish Tutor Jobs in the U.S.
It’s no surprise that with its millions of native or second language speakers and current students, Spanish has been considered the United States’ second language. Spanish can be seen on billboards, television channels, and in conversations all over the country. As the language continues to become more prominent, the demand for Spanish teachers and tutors rises in order to bridge the gap between speakers and non-speakers.

If you’re a native or fluent speaker, consider the possibilities of becoming a Spanish tutor. You have the power to use your language abilities to teach others valuable skills!

LRNGO is a learning exchange site that encourages people to expand their skills in a variety of subjects extending from languages to artisan skills. The site allows you to create a free profile stating which subjects you teach and gives you the option of charging for your time or trading your lessons for lessons in another subject of your choice. The site will generate a list of people in your area, or anywhere in the world if you’re interested in video chat, seeking a Spanish tutor for you to connect with.

Indeed is a job posting site that will provide you with many listings in your area and throughout the country for Spanish tutors. This site is useful if you’re looking to work within a tutoring company, as they are frequently the site’s posters.

Talk to your local schools to learn about what opportunities might be in your own backyard. Languages can be challenging for kids, and sometimes one-on-one assistance is the key to unlocking their Spanish-speaking potential. School administrators and teachers may be able to recommend you to parents whose students are struggling in their Spanish class.

Post flyers at your local college or university to attract older students who may need that one-on-one help to get through their Spanish courses. Most higher education institutions have a foreign language requirement, meaning that all students, be it their forte or not, have to take language classes. Scope out the hot spots on campus to post flyers with your information and qualifications—coffee shops and language centers are a good place to start!

Besides knowing Spanish, it’s important that you are friendly and patient, listen to your tutee, and pay attention to their areas of struggle.

If you’re feeling nervous about getting into the Spanish tutoring biz, remember that you have the skill set necessary to be successful. Have confidence in the idea that if you know something, you can teach it, and take pride in the fact that your job is helping others gain the valuable skill of speaking Spanish.

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Students hanging out in front of a university campus.
Ivy League Admissions for Foreign Students
The ‘Ivies’, more commonly referred to as the Ivy League, have no match when it comes to horsepower, selectivity, and utter prestige. For years, hundreds of years in most cases, these universities have been recognized and constantly talked about because of their unmatchable student body; for crying out loud, most of the people who attend these schools were top of their graduating class (as high school seniors) or at least, undoubtedly, in the top 10 percent. Now, let’s not even try to pretend like those statistics aren’t intimidating- they totally are.

Any prospective Ivy League student, whether it be a Dartmouth, Princeton, or Harvard applicant, is sure to undergo a tiny (or massive) panic attack when hitting send on the Common Application, and with very good reason. You’d think the stress (and highly unlikely chance of getting in) would gnaw at people and cause the number of applications going in to go down, but no, thousands of high school seniors in the United States and everywhere else are still taking their chances and dreaming big. For foreign students however, the admissions ordeal may be a bit different than it is for Americans, and here’s why.

Most universities in the United States, the top tier ones especially, have to rely on the fact that certain students will be ‘full pays’, meaning they will be completely responsible for the payment of their studies (with no financial help at all). International students are an easy pick. Think about it, they’re coming all the way from another country, abandoning their hometowns and everything that was ever familiar- if that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

However, it’s not all universities that expect this of foreigners, on the contrary, many colleges expand their scholarship and financial aid budgets just so they can offer their teaching to a more diverse community. When it comes to Ivy League schools however, financial aid is tight, and it is definitely not something easy to attain. Why? Well, these universities, as previously mentioned, don’t accept a lot of people.

Think about it this way: a big university with a high acceptance rate is getting an average of 30,000 incoming students (in other words, a LOT of tuition money), that can then be distributed amongst different funds (one of them being the financial aid fund). However, Ivies get somewhere around 10,000 students, which means they need to make up for the loss of tuition money somewhere. Here’s where international students come into play.

The reality is that foreign students rarely manage to be accepted into one of the Ivies regardless of their intelligence and performance if they’re unable to fund their studies with cash.

Photo Credit: NGi

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Different coloured colored clouds chat bubbles
Aprender inglés gratis online con conversaciones para adultos
Seamos honestos, aprender de un libro a veces se vuelve bastante aburrido. Los humanos estamos programados para aprender miles de cosas desde que somos pequeños hasta que llegamos a grandes edades, pero nuestras formas de aprender no se limitan a una. Así como hay miles de cosas que estudiar, hay mil maneras de estudiarlas. Yo, por ejemplo, soy una aprendiz más exitosa cuando estoy más enfocada en escuchar una lección, no en escribirla y visualizarla. Con tan solo encender mi motor auditor al cien por ciento y apagar todos los otros puedo entender algo fácilmente. Pero no es igual para todos. Hay gente que, para alcanzar su máximo potencial de aprendizaje, tiene que inventar movimientos clave que luego empareja con cierta información. La conclusión es que todos somos diferentes y para ciertos alumnos de inglés, leer y tomar pruebas no es suficiente. Por eso existen salas de chat diseñadas específicamente para que pupilos del inglés practiquen la lengua entre si.

Cuando hablamos de salas de chat sin embargo, tenemos que tener cuidado en escoger la apropiada. Aunque existen muchas y la tentación de simplemente escoger una está presente, tenemos que invertir tiempo en examinar cada una para poder tener una experiencia agradable, educativa, y segura. Con lo que hay que tener cuidado en realidad es con la posibilidad de publicidad falsa; cualquier persona en el mundo puede abrir una sala de chat y decir que es para aprender inglés, cuando en realidad lo único que busca es esparcir un virus o peor aún, hablar con menores de edad. Por eso lo mejor que se puede hacer es visitar un sitio oficial de aprendizaje gratis de inglés y buscar una sala de chat dentro de ese mismo. Un sitio seguro y confiable es, este ofrece salas de chat en las que uno solo puede unirse si se registra en la página (¡claro que es gratis!). Lo bueno de páginas oficiales como esta es que no solo ofrecen salas de chat, si no también lecciones de inglés gratis online, así las lecciones se pueden discutir específicamente por los miembros del chat.

Existen muchos beneficios que provienen de practicar el inglés con otros estudiantes online. La verdad es que los libros y exámenes te llevan hasta cierto punto, y de ahí la nueva información tiene que ser puesta en acción o no sirve para nada. Piénsalo, todo ese algebra y trigonometría que nos hicieron tomar en la escuela ya casi no existe en nuestro cerebro por falta de práctica. Es por eso que si en realidad quieres aprender inglés y quieres poder hablarlo fluidamente este se tiene que intercambiar en conversación a menudo, ¿y qué mejor y más fácil manera que hacerlo en una sala de chat?

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