Fiddle Violin played at a wedding Arin Olwell
Fiddle vs. Violin: Learning the Difference
Fiddle and violin playing used to hold a wide chasm separating the two worlds, with violinists looking down on their poor fiddler cousins. But the truth is now-a-days, that chasm is slowly closing and both violin and fiddle playing are drawing strength from each other’s characteristics. Fiddle vs violin? Let’s take a look at the difference.

So what is the big difference exactly between how to play violin and how to fiddle? Since this question gets asked often, here’s a simple explanation offered. Traditional violinists read musical notes and sheet music, while those who learn how to fiddle play by ear. Violin music is meant to evoke beauty and power, while fiddling is meant to stir up dancing. Violin music adheres strictly to the orchestra and sheet music notes, while fiddling improvises. Violins must be held with a person’s jaw, while the fiddler holds the violin down on his arm so he can call out dance moves. When thinking of fiddle vs violin, think of rock vs c...

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The Piano Teacher Monochrome black and white image
Find Piano Teachers and Learn to Tickle the Ivories
You must lightly touch something in order to tickle it. In this way you should run your fingers along the ivories, or white piano keys (which used to be made from ivory) when playing the piano.

Many aspiring musicians have some basic knowledge but want to learn more. Others have perhaps never touched a piano, but it is never too late to learn. However, the earlier in life you begin, the more time you give yourself to be awed each and every day by the beauty and artistic expression of live music! So, why wait? Take the step today and begin taking piano lessons from one of the many brilliant piano teachers near you.

So many gifted piano teachers have dedicated themselves to sharing this divine skill with others. Search in your local printed classifieds or through job posting sites such as Craigslist and others, to find a slew of piano lessons to choose from.

There are piano teachers that cater to beginners, and can start teaching you one note at a tim...

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Happy Retirement!
Retired Teachers Jokes
Do you know a teacher who is retired or will be retiring soon? You can send them off with some laughs with a few great retired teacher jokes. These can lighten the situation and let them know that you care about them. They are especially useful, perhaps even crucial, for any speeches or presentations that might be made at a retirement party. You probably won't be able to come up with these on the spot, so you will definitely want to be ready with several prepared jokes.

Starting off a speech with retired teacher jokes can't go wrong. Here is a good one to try out -

Three elderly math teachers, Mark, Alex, and Robert, go to a doctor's office for their yearly memory test. It's a miracle they remembered the appointment! The doctor begins with Mark. He asks him, “What is five times five?” Mark replies “191.” The doctor rolls his eyes and looks up at the ceiling. He then says to Alex, “What is five times five?” Alex replies “Wednesday.” The doctor shakes his s...

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Vancouver Film School Filming Summer Intensive Acting Class for new actors
How to Get Started in an Acting Career
Getting an acting career is not as simple as many young prospective actors envision, but neither is it impossible. With a lot of determination, a thought through plan, and more determination, your acting career is within your reach.

Start, first of all, with some books on acting. A book is a “free tutor.” Read up on what an acting career and life actually require so that you can prepare yourself and see if you have the resolve to bring this dream to fruition.

Join an acting class. Proper training is important. Even if you have natural talent, you need professional help to hone the skills required for a successful acting career. Actors and actresses market themselves, you are presenting your own brand and your own business, and you must be prepared to do that at all times. Prepare a monologue that you can be ready to recite. Anyone aspiring to have an acting career should have both a comedic and a dramatic monologue well-rehearsed to showcase their talent.

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Hip-Hop Dancing
How to Learn Hip Hop Dancing
The hip-hop style of dance evolved from the hip hop culture of the ‘70’s, and has now spread around the world. It has become popularized by many internationally famous artists—singers, dancers, DJs and MCs.

Some of the unique characteristics of the hip hop style of dance are improvisation on the part of the performers, as well as personal style and interpretation.

Learning to dance hip hop style, especially if you are not that familiar with the culture, music and moves surrounding it, can be a bit tough at first. The best thing to do before anything else is immerse yourself in it, as the hip hop style is nearly as much about attitude and character as it is about choreography and dance routines.

So what is the first step for you in learning the hip hop style of dance and movement? Once you’ve immersed yourself in it by listening to hip hop music, watching the pros do their thing and getting the feel for it, you are ready to begin.

Since the hip hop st...

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Blocks of Photos
Camera & Exposure Information - Leave a Comment
Yes, you've seen it before. When searching online for camera & exposure information, leave a comment and turn the helpful article or blog into a conversation. Oftentimes these days people find more helpful information in comments than they do in actual web content.

The digital world is quickly transforming into the virtual reality of outdated science fiction. The user experience is becoming more visual than ever, with videos, and increasingly vibrant pictures. In fact, social media networking depends on amateur photographers and citizen journalists for a steady supply of its visual content.

The problem is the massive amount of digital cameras leave an even more massive amount of online camera & exposure information. Leave a comment on the sites that provide helpful information, and skip over the ones that are either commercial selling points, or hold no interest.

Additionally, if you come across something in your searches, for example unanswere...

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Practicing to Pole Dance
Overhaul your Fitness with Pole Dancing Lessons
Probably a lot of women would not consider taking pole dancing lessons because what comes to mind when you think of this type of dancing is not exactly something you want to study for. This is where an open mind can really work in your favor. The fact is that pole dancing lessons are fabulous for creating the sexy, lean, strong physique that so many women are after. Many women who have nothing to do with the entertainment industry have taken this type of fitness training, and loved the results!

In your pole dancing lessons you will learn to move your body in an organically sensual and feminine way that results in the leanest and strongest figure you have ever had. And you will very likely be the most confident and sexy you have ever been as well. Through your pole dancing lessons you will strengthen your core, improve your flexibility and strength, and tone every muscle in your body. This is not a booty shaking session, but an intense work out.

Pole dancing lessons are ga...

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Ryan Cavanaugh Bill Evans Soulgrass Electric Banjo
Banjo Lessons
While most of us have heard of the banjo, many people do not actually know anything about it or how it is played. Since you are reading this article, I assume you are interested in learning more about the banjo, so let’s get started. I will cover six 'Banjo Lessons' to give you some background knowledge about Banjos.

  • Lesson One: What is a banjo?
    According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a banjo is a musical instrument with a drum-like body, a fretted neck, and usually four or five strings that may be plucked or strummed. Some newer models have six strings and are played more like a guitar.

  • Lesson Two: What is the origin of the word banjo?
    The exact origin of the word is unknown, but etymologists have a number of ideas. One possibility is that it is derived from the Kimbundu word mbanza which refers to a similar instrument. Other possibilities include the word coming from the Senegambian word for the bamboo stick th...

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