Child Playing Piano
How to Teach your Child Piano
Most parents dream of rearing musically inclined kids and make music prodigies out of them. If you are among these parents who have that musical dream for their kids, most likely the first thing you would think of is how to teach your child piano. Learning to play the piano is as basic to the field of music as learning to add and subtract is to arithmetic. However, many parents would delay teaching their kids the piano because of their kids’ age—but the truth is, even toddlers can already start to learn to play the piano.

Children are most often capable of learning piano and beginning lessons as early as age three or four, depending on their attention span. However, all children are not the same in this respect. Just because a child is not able to concentrate enough to get started at this age is not necessarily an indication that he or she will not be able to concentrate successfully at a later time.

There are techniques and programs available for introducing even you...

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A Keyboard
Mastering Keyboards
Professional keyboards players are as diverse as the shades of an ocean sunset. But there is one thing they all have in common and that is the title of pro. Millions of people play the keyboard but how many can do it for a living? Only those who work hard enough, have enough drive, natural talent, great willpower, and a bit of good luck will make their passion of music a profession.

Those who hope to join the masters of professional keyboards players must educate themselves. There are many types of keyboards and many kinds of music played upon them. Consider which one will be your focus and devote all your energies into that.

Besides learning music theory, which is essential to the professional keyboards player, the next largest focus will be practice. Spending hours at the same effort every day, persistently practicing to perfect your existing skills and build new ones, is often considered the most important part of learning an instrument.

The hopeful musician...

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Playing the Trumpet
Trumpet Lessons and Instructions for Free
The trumpet is a timeless and beautiful instrument that many people have become increasingly interested in learning. Trumpet music works in many songs and styles of music, and many bands and orchestras are looking for skilled and talented trumpet players who are willing to join them. If you love music and are interested in learning to play the trumpet, then follow the advice below.

Trumpet classes are one of the most surefire ways to learn the instrument, but wouldn’t free trumpet instruction be better? Paying a good deal of money to be taught in a class is a good way to go in some situations, but you can discover free trumpet instruction and resources that can end up saving you hundreds of dollars and still get the job done. You’re wondering where to find it?

One of the best places to discover free trumpet instruction is in the form of videos on YouTube and other video sites. These sites feature homemade videos by hundreds of trumpet players, experts and amateurs ali...

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Ladies doing Ballet
Be the Star of the Show
One of the best parts of dancing is performing. Whether you are performing in your dance school’s recital or a professional production such as the Nutcracker, you want to shine on stage and you want to be the one that people enjoy watching. Everyone wants to be the star of the show, and there are many ways to make this happen even if you aren’t front and center or the lucky one with the solo.

Of course, the first and most obvious step is to learn how to dance well and learn the steps to the dance you will be performing. This requires a lot of practice. If possible, practice in front of a mirror so you can see how you look. Practice each step slowly to make sure you have good form, and then slowly speed it up so that you can dance each step with perfect form and to the right count.

Having said that, you do not need to be the best dancer in the show to be the star. Make your technique as good as you can, but don’t worry if yours isn’t the best in the cla...

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Couple Dancing
Do You want to Learn how to Dance?
Watching professionals move gracefully across the floor in classic styles of dancing, or modern dance artists move their bodies in cool and hip ways can make anyone feel like learning to dance!

But how does one go about learning to dance? Well, first of all you need to decide what genre of dance you would like to approach. There are many styles out there to choose from, and it is often difficult to choose just one. Perhaps you could consider learning to dance several different styles, especially if they are somewhat similar.

Some popular style choices when learning to dance are hip hop, jazz, modern dance, and belly dance. If you are a serious student, ballet could be a good idea for you, as many different types of dances are based off this elegant and technically advanced dance form.

However, when it really comes down to it, learning to dance is more about learning how to move your body gracefully and tastefully to the music. Building confidence while at the same ...

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Playing the Bagpipes
How you can Learn the Bagpipes
The beautiful music of the bagpipes is extremely popular. Bagpipes in the Scottish tradition were often heard at funeral and memorial services, and are even quite often still heard today, especially when a policeman or soldier has fallen in service. The drone or pedal tone lends itself quite well to the reflective nature of the atmosphere in such services, and the instrument seems to invoke a feeling of reverence and attention like no other.

Although it is an acquired taste, the bagpipes can also be very fun to play. The instrument is complicated, yes, and bagpipe techniques are challenging, but all can be learned in a relatively short time. You will need to invest a good deal of time and a bit of money, but it’s worth it in order to know how to play this beautiful instrument.

The first thing to do is get an instrument and learn all its parts. While you should definitely know all the parts of a bagpipe and their names, you probably shouldn’t buy a regular bagpipe to b...

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Playing the Mandolin
Learn a New Instrument: The Mandolin
The mandolin has been around a long time, yet this old time instrument remains current, thanks to its versatility, multi generational fans, and the downright catchy music it plays. To this day, countless thousands of music students learn the mandolin each year.

The mandolin originally descended from the lute, one of the most common medieval instruments. It became a very well-known modern instrument in countries like Italy when played by famous performers like Bernardo De Pace, and continues to remain so today. In the US, the instrument is very prominently heard in many bluegrass and Texas country recordings in the southern states and throughout Apalachia, in addition to the occasional Nashville hit. Even jazz has been known to be played on this versatile instrument, as heard by the famous musician Jethro Burns. Indeed, one can find that all manner of musical styles have been played and recorded on the mandolin if you take the time to search.

To learn the mandolin requires...

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A Viola
Learning the Viola for the Best Price
The viola, less well known than the violin but still extremely common, is a popular and attractive instrument. Just like the violin and the cello and all the instruments in the violin family, the viola takes a great deal of time to practice and even longer to properly master, but both the process and the end result are fun and fulfilling.

You can find viola lessons in many places. Schools and colleges often offer lessons that are open for general signup, and private tutors and instructors are rather easy to find. But the price of these is generally a bit to high for many people to pay, and some people just aren’t interested enough in the instrument to invest that much money. But what if there was a better price? What if there were even free viola lessons available?

Free viola lessons are available, easier to find than you know. If you have been looking for free viola lessons and have had no success, then it just means you have been searching in the wrong places. The bes...

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