Tap Dancing Shoes
Tap Dancing Lessons-Bring Back a Lost Art
We have all seen the classic old movies where this style of dance was often the star of the show. Tap dancing gets its name from the taps that are on the bottom of the dancer’s shoes. These taps make a rhythmic sound as the performer touches the shoes to the floor.

If you are fascinated by this dance style, you really should consider taking tap dancing lessons. It’s great for coordination, flexibility and fitness, as well as the fact that your tap dancing lessons help keep the art alive. This is a rigorous dance, and requires a high level of fitness. Because of the fitness benefits, it is becoming popular for adults and children alike.

Typical tap dancing lessons will last about an hour each. They include stretching in the beginning and the end. You will initially be learning the basic steps and once you become proficient in these, you will progress to more intricate foot work. Tap dancing lessons often incorporate other styles of dance as well, such as jazz.


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Kid Playing Guitar
Teach Music Theory to Children
Children can be some of the most receptive and skilled learners, as any children’s teacher will tell you. It’s much easier for a child to learn something than it is for an adult, and if you want to teach music theory to your child, the best time to do it is when he is young. If you can make your music lessons fun and exciting for a child, then he will learn quickly and eagerly and make a great music student. Follow these simple tips to learn to teach music theory effectively.

Start by choosing a single well known song to use to teach music theory to your child. A song like “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” can be a great choice, as can “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Once you have chosen one of these songs, you will want to use it to demonstrate and teach music theory and its various parts to your child. For instance, make your child clap along to teach it the concept of rhythm. Speed up or slow down the song to illustrate tempo. Have your child identify high and low notes i...

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An Oboe
The Art of Playing the Oboe
A woodwind instrument, the plaintive sound of the oboe is at once mysterious and invigorating. Oboe experts and oboists worldwide agree that the oboe is a challenging instrument to learn. — An art, to be sure. But the rewards of finally mastering the keys are well worth it.

From oboe experts to beginners, one thing all oboists have in common is a great respect for the instrument. In a symphony orchestra it is the instrument to which all others are tuned to. It is also one of the most expensive of the wind instruments, making the feeling of mastering the oboe all the more exclusive.

To the non trained ear the sound of the oboe may be criticized as having more sameness then its cousins the clarinet, the flute, the saxophone or the trumpet. But oboe experts and enthusiasts alike declare that an entire dimension of hypnotically beautiful sound proceeds from it at each concert.

One obvious benefit to learning to play the oboe is its consistency in performances. It is ...

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Art Class
Art Classes and Lessons Online
Many people have the talent for art, or have the desire to learn it, but need somewhere to start learning. Art classes can be expensive, not to mention structured, long, and dull, and some people prefer to study their own way rather than follow a teacher. Online art classes are a great way to avoid the things you don’t like about real-life classes, especially the costs, and learn from the comfort of your home in the style and at the pace that suits you best.

Online art classes are extremely easy to find, and something as simple as an online search could give you hundreds of hits. Some of the best places for lessons are sites dedicated to free art lessons. These will often focus on a certain part or style of art, for instance how to draw manga, how to do pastel art, or how to properly shade and illustrate facial expressions. These online art classes sites can often provide you with a great range of information and advice about one certain style or technique.

For more gen...

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A Violin
How to Teach the Violin
If you know how to play the violin relatively well, then teaching others what you know is a great way to turn around and give back to others and help people like you fulfill their dreams. Not only that, but teaching something like the violin can be a great way to make a bit of cash on the side, or even a way to support yourself full time. Whether you have former experience as a teacher or not, anyone can become an effective violin teacher if they know and follow a few simple pieces of advice.

The most important thing to do if you want to be an effective violin teacher is to find or create a curriculum and stick to it. You need to religiously follow your program and make sure your students do too, or else your class will be much less efficient and progress more slowly. Make room in your curriculum for some improvisation, flexible time slots, and fun activities, of course, but don’t improvise the entire course.

When deciding what you, as the effective violin teacher, shou...

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Recorder and Microphone
Learn to Play the Recorder with the Help of a Tutor
Do you enjoy the cheerful, melodious sound of a recorder when it’s played by a proficient musician? Most of us don’t aspire to be that musician. With the help of a recorder tutor you can learn to play those beautiful notes, and make lovely music that your friends and family will enjoy.

span >From your recorder tutor you will learn the right form of breathing to play this instrument. With help, you will learn how to move your fingers to make the clean crisp notes you need to make music. Eventually you will learn the slides or glissandos that can make your music more complex. The recorder tutor will teach you finger exercises that will help you memorize the placement of each finger for each note.

Another important aspect of the instrument that your recorder tutor will help you with is mastering the breathing you must learn to play this, or any wind instrument. After you learn the breathing and the notes, you will progress on to simple songs. You can learn to play this ...

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Pedal Steel Guitar
Pedal Steel Guitar Lessons and Teachers
Avid music lovers of country music, blues, jazz, and bluegrass share a common sound that is coveted in all these musical styles, the sound of the pedal steel guitar. For musicians, and specifically guitar players pursuing a career in country, jazz or blues, taking pedal steel guitar lessons will make a significant difference in the music you’ll be able to create and the success you will enjoy as a musician. Finding an experienced pedal steel guitar teacher who will teach you the secrets, tips and techniques you’ll need to play this unusual variation of the guitar is not as hard as it may seem. The key is in looking through available resources and music sites and/or music stores to find a qualified teacher. Going by word of mouth from other musicians or music students might lead you to the best source.

The pedal steel guitar, a variety of electric guitar, is played by using a steel bar that shortens or lengthens the strings, rather than using the fingers to pluck or strum th...

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Disc Spinning
Quality Disc Spinning Classes
If either being a disc jockey is one of your desires in life or a hobby which you would want to develop—then disc spinning classes should be your destination. Being a disc jockey or a DJ is fun… especially if you are a party-goer who loves to animate the crowd or a music-lover who finds the beat of the music irresistible! Disc spinning classes are definitely for you—but the question that might be lingering in your head is: Where can you find these classes?

You can find quality disc spinning classes in a lot of places. One example is in music schools or conservatories. Most music schools have already embraced the skill of disc spinning, thus it would be easy for you to find one. If it is hard to find one in your locale, search the internet for such classes, and definitely, you will not fail to find a few of them near you.

Once you have found some disc spinning classes, hold yourself from enrolling straight away! Be sure to check on their services and the courses they...

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