U2 Band
U2 New Film
The rock band known as U2 is no stranger to documentaries and film. In 1988 their award winning rockumentary, Rattle and Hum, hit theaters across the world. The Dublin based band went on to create hit after hit. In 1991 their hit album, Achtung Baby, was released. It hit record sales and become one of the most widely known releases by the band. It was no surprise that this release would lead to a documentary. In 2011 the release of a U2 new film was announced.

The Release

From the Sky Down is the latest in the U2 documentary and rockumentary releases. Directed by Davis Guggenheim, this film tells the story behind Achtung Baby. The making of the release, the trials and tribulations leading to the world famous music and the band that brought it all together. The U2 new film created a new standard when it debuted at the Toronto Film Festival. It was the first documentary of its kind to be pre-screened at the festival.

The Concept

The film was designed to not ...

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Art History Photo
Why You Should Learn About Art History
Art history can be a fascinating and useful topic of study for anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you have artistic talent or not, because the history and story behind art and famous artists goes beyond the person studying it. You don’t have to have any knowledge of art techniques, history, or anything else to begin delving into any of the wonderful and fascinating art history topics.

Art history is studied for a variety of reasons, and one of the main reasons is to be able to understand and appreciate existing art and the beauty all around us. Studying art history topics ensures that we truly value all different kinds of art and beauty for what they are rather than what they may represent. Not only that, but the study of art history can reveal to the student what human creativity really is, and what goes into the creative process of each individual. We can also learn about cultures past and present, finding out what is important to them and what affects their daily lives.

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Drum Teacher
How to Find the Best Drum Teachers
So you want to learn how to play the drums? Drums are actually one of the coolest instruments to master. Without drum beats, the music feels dry or dull. Sure—there are a lot of alternatives like beat boxes or synthesizers, but the feel of a real drum beat still differs from these instruments. Learning how to play the drums is not an easy task, though, and you need to find the best drum teacher in order to ace the beats! But how do we find the best drum teacher?

Finding the best drum teacher is not simple, but remember, the term BEST is subjective. What you consider best, may not be best for others, and the other way around. In simple terms, it is up to your standards to set the qualities for a best drum teacher.

One thing that cannot be stressed enough is the importance of your own goals and musical preferences. If you enjoy rock music and want to play a hard hitting style like Keith Moon, you might not want a jazz teacher. At the same time, you may find some commonali...

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Theatre Play Faces
How to Tickle your Audience through Comedy Workshops?
Do you consider yourself to be a funny person? Do you make people laugh every day, and enjoy doing it? Do you find that funny things to say come to you easily, sometimes even at the wrong times? If even one of these things is true about you, then you should definitely consider comedy workshops as a way to improve and professionalize your comedy act. You could even become a stand-up comedian or funny actor one day if you learn a few simple tips and tricks.

A good comedy workshop will teach you the fundamentals of a comedy routine. You will study the three steps involved in making a great show for your audience, which are
  1. studying what you can do to be funny,
  2. developing the actual show, and
  3. finding gigs and places to perform.

Learning stage one in comedy workshops will often impart to you such great tips as how to write jokes, how to do a routine, how to act, keep a straight face, build up to a punch line, etc. Then you have to develop con...

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Display of FIddles
How to Master the Fiddle?
There's nothing like the sound of good fiddling and if you're planning on learning how to fiddle or improve on your fiddle playing, then it's a good bet that you're looking to master the fiddle.

One of the biggest questions most beginners looking for an instructor have is the question of fiddle vs violin. It is not uncommon for those who are unfamiliar with owning the instrument to ask if it is two separate instruments. However, you will soon learn that anyone can eventually play both or either with the same instrument and it is only a question of style. The main difference is that you will often need a different teacher, as the techniques used for one do not always transfer to the other. A fiddle player who is equally adept at classical violin is not impossible to find, but it is rare and one most likely would have studied under a separate teacher for each style to achieve such an endevour. Examples of the purely fiddle style would include bluegrass and Texas swing.


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Playing Jazz Music
Jazz Dancing from A-Z
Jazz is one of the more technically advanced dances and usually takes years of diligent study and practice to master. Because of this, jazz training is essential. That is not to say that jazz training and dance is out of reach—certainly not! There are many dedicated, reliable and wonderful teachers who will guide you from step A all the way to step Z, after which time, you are ready to independently fly on the wings of jazz dancing!

To make the most of your jazz training, be sure to be consistent in your lessons and do as much practicing at home as you can. Confidence in this style of dance is imperative, therefore the more time you spend practicing, the better you will be. As they say, “Practice makes perfect!”

Remember always that jazz dancing is stylish, so build your confidence with routines and practice initially, and once you’ve mastered a certain level of jazz training, experiment with your own originality and creativity. That is a lot of what jazz dancin...

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Photo of Composition
Learning Composition from the Pros
Photography is a hobby that many people assume to be simple and easy—until they try it. Many people think that photography is only a matter of clicking a button, and then presto! out comes a great picture. But when they finally pick up a camera and start taking pictures, they realize that there is more to it than just snapping shutters and aiming the camera. They are neglecting an important part of photography, learning composition, which is the most significant part of taking a picture.

If you plan to learn photography, then learning composition is par for the course. Any professional photographer or teacher will tell you that without taking the important step of learning composition, you will never be a real expert. Read the following advice for three easy and important pointers about composition that you should never forget.

The first and most basic thing you will get from learning composition is the rule of thirds. Rather than photographing something in the center o...

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Percussion Set
Percussion Made Simple
Kettle drum, bass drum, snare drum, side drum, bongos, congas, tabla, xylophone, tubular bell, cymbals, gong, Chinese gong, tambourine, rattles, maracas, castanets, triangle, celesta, vibraphone, wood block, bells… the list of percussion instruments just goes on and on. When you include any instrument that is hit with your hand, a stick of any sort, banged together, shaken or scraped, you have a whole lot of possibilities! It doesn’t soundsimple. But, narrowing percussion down to the specific instrument of your choice and then taking one of many available percussion courses over a significant time period will bring the mountain right down to simple.

Fortunately, the percussion courses to choose from are many. Just look online and you’ll find scores of private tutors, group lessons, university programs, specialized music schools with percussion courses, and more.

As a new student of percussion, don’t try to concern yourself with trying to match yourself up to wha...

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