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Beyond Music Lessons: How to Write Music
Local music lessons are necessary for understanding the fundamentals of making music, but actually writing music is something that is done on your own. Here are some guidelines for writing music.

Invest in Music Lessons
Music lessons will help you learn how to read music and play instruments. Without knowing how to read music or play an instrument, you will not be able to actually write music. As a beginner, music lessons will drastically improve your music-playing abilities and will familiarize you with reading sheet music. Once you can read and play basic notes and chords, you should be able to incorporate the notes you have learned into your own music.

Expand Your Taste in Music
Although you will be exposed to music in your music lessons, listening to a wide variety of music on your own will allow you to experience different emotions created by different styles of music. Exp...

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Hollywood Picture
Are you an up and coming actress or actor? Are you a film professional with plenty of experience looking for new opportunities? Joining an online association like the Film Pro Network TV Online Association at filmpro.networktvonline.info is a great way to find new projects and people to work with. If you are involved in the film industry in any way, you may find great employment possibilities you did not even know existed.

Filmpro.networktvonline.info provides an online platform for film employees to network and meet people in their industry. On their homepage, they boast an impressive variety of positions in their promotional banner: besides actors, there are directors, producers, camera men, compositors, casting agents, sound and film editors, VFX and digital artists, writers, talent agents, and set designers.

You will also find auxiliary services such as electricians and other contractors, distributors and advertisers to promote your project, equipment pr...

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Saxaphone Group
How to Find the Best Saxophone Lessons
The saxophone is a very complex instrument, requiring special breathing and intricate finger movement. One interesting fact about this instrument is that it has not been changed since its invention in 1804. Your saxophone lessons today will teach you the same basics you would have learned hundreds of years ago. There are several sizes of the instrument, the larger the instrument, the larger the mouthpiece as well.

There are various paths you can take to learn to play this instrument. You can find saxophone lessons on the internet. These are often structured courses you can work through, and some people may find this to be an inexpensive way to learn to play a much loved instrument. If you can already read music, you can also simply purchase or borrow from your local library, a book of saxophone lessons. For those who are more of a “natural” or have a lot of discipline, these self teaching methods my well produce a proficient musician.

If you are not the type inclined ...

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Just Dance 3
Just Dance WII Song List
Ok, here’s the lowdown. Just Dance 3 premiered on the Wii on October 11, 2011and features a 48 track song list, including unlockables, along with a sizeable mix of tunes available for download on the Wii network. The following tracks are included on the disc as primary soundtrack options or unlockable songs:

  • “Apache (Jump On It)” by The Sugarhill Gang
  • “Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz (Cover)
  • “Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears (Cover by The Girly Team)
  • “Barbra Streisand” by Duke Sauce
  • “Beautiful Liar” by Beyonce and Shakira (Cover)
  • “Boogie Wonderland” by Earth, Wind & Fire featuring The Emotions
  • “Boom” by Reggaeton Storm
  • “California Gurls” by Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg
  • “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen
  • “Da Funk” by Daft Punk
  • “Dance All Nite” by Anja
  • “Dynamite” by ...

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An Organ
The Organ: Classical and Contemporary
The classical organ dates back some centuries, around the time of Ctesibius of Alexandria, and gaining a prominence in the rituals of the Catholic Church around the 8th century. Later it emerged as remained an invaluable instrument of secular and concerto works, and has remained so. Organ teachers have always been a central part of furthering the universal knowledge of and love for the organ.

Those with a passion for playing either classical or contemporary organ music, make excellent organ teachers. For the aspiring organist hoping to achieve expertise, having dedicated and skilled organ teachers makes all the difference in the world.

You can also learn through other means besides organ teachers, including visual and audio aids, demos, documentaries, magazines and books that are available for purchase in a bookstore, music store, online, or for use from your local library. All are rudimentary tools to substitute organ teachers initially, or to provide reinforcement. De...

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Sheet Music
Sheet Music for the Piano Version of your Favorite Songs
Do you need to find sheet music for the piano version of some of your favorite songs? Need to practice for an upcoming recital? There are plenty of places online where you can find free sheet music as well as sheet music for a price. You can then print out the music and use it at your leisure or use it from your computer.

8Notes.com is a good place to find both free and paid sheet music for the piano version of many songs, new and old. The pieces are rated for their difficulty. You can view a GIF version of almost every piece of music on the site for free, as well as listen to a MIDI version of the song. PDF versions of the sheet music are available with a website subscription of 20 dollars per year. A subscription will also bring you an ad-free site and access to longer and more advanced pieces.

Another place to find sheet music is Sheetzbox.net. All the musical notation on this site is completel...

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Man playing lap steel guitar horizontal slide guitarist
How to Build a Lap Steel Guitar
Playing the lap steel guitar can be a wonderful experience. Only people who play will know what it feels like to create the unique sounds that lap steel guitars are known for. Have you ever wondered if you could build a lap steel guitar yourself? Many people have wanted to do so. This can be a very fulfilling and exciting project to undertake, and you are sure to love it. If you want to build a lap steel guitar, you have two basic options before you – you can start completely from scratch, or you can buy a kit.

Thankfully, there are many online resources available to help you. In some cases you can find instructions for free, and in other cases you can pay for a more professional blueprint. Well.com offers several options for you. There is a complete kit that contains everything you need to build a lap steel guitar except finishing products, glue, and tools.

You will get quality parts that are pre-made and ready to put together,...

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Dobro Lap Dance Playing
Dobro Lap Steel Lessons
A good steel guitar is hard to find, as are dobro lap steel lessons or pedal steel guitar lessons for those students wishing to gain mastery in the resonator guitar.

Music lovers say that country music was formed and shaped around the lap steel guitar and pedal steel guitar, but the sound of lap steel guitars is much broader than that, as its distinct haunting resonance sound is heard in blues and bluegrass as well as notably in Hawaiian music from which its true origins spring.

Although dobro has become a generic term for the lap steel guitar, dobro lap steel lessons cover any of the manufacturers of lap steel guitars. The Dobro lap steel guitar registered trademark name was bought by the famous Gibson Guitar Corporation in 1993, and Gibson continued on with the line featuring both roundneck, as used in Blues music, and the squareneck which is used by Bluegrass players.

The origin of steel guitars began in Hawaii when a schoolboy named Joseph Kekuku walking alon...

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