Latin Dancing
Teach Latin Dance Style
Are you a master of Latin dance? Are you a professional dancer with a passion for this dramatic and beautiful art form? Do you long to share your skill with others that they too might enjoy the enthralling experience of Latin dancing? Or maybe you’re one of those Latin dance teachers who has yet to find their calling? If that is so, then there are many people looking for someone just like you.

Latin dance as a style is becoming more and more popular, both as entertainment, as well as for personal enjoyment and fun. That’s why Latin dance teachers are in high demand these days.

Although you might not consider yourself one of the best Latin dance teachers, remember this: there are many levels of dance as well as many levels of students. You might be perfect for a young girl or boy, or perhaps teaching the basics of technique and movement to a group of young amateurs.

Latin dance teachers come in a variety of styles, just as Latin dance itself does. Perhaps your f...

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Folk Dancing
The Art of Folk Dancing
Folk dancing is a form of dance where those participating have little or no previous training, dancing to traditional music from the country or peoples of their origin. People join together at social functions and events, and often, learning folk dancing is done right then and there, and participants enjoy each other’s company while having fun learning folk dancing as they go!

Learning folk dancing is very easy, as there is usually an experienced caller, and all the dancers have to do is follow the simple instructions called out. No formal dance training is necessary, as long as those joining in want to have fun dancing together and follow along!

As a fun, recreational activity, learning folk dancing should be highly recommended. It combines the great benefits of exercise with the joys of dance and music. Learning folk dancing also introduces you to peoples and cultures with rich and interesting histories, which is a terrific experience, and broadens your knowledge of t...

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Musical Notes
The World of Musical Instruction
Like a serene ocean it sits — silent, massive and enchanting. The world of music is both vast and fascinating. Specifically, learning to read music can be alternately dull and exciting. You must endure the moments of the first to get to the moments of the last, which usually come when you are reading music as you are playing it.

Music tutors that teach pupils to read music are greatly varied. Some teach scales and complex chords, while others will get you through only the basics, to where you can play a very simple song.

But if you want to excel, you will need to work harder at it. Students who can read music or who are learning to read music have plenty to juggle. Their schoolwork, home responsibilities, community involvement and other programs can take up nearly all your time. However, if you set out on your mission to learn to read music with great resolve, it will happen for you.

How can one successfully learn to read music? Try one or more of the following ...

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Man Acting
Top 5 Acting Tips for those Starting Out
Famous actors and actresses have all come from different circumstances and backgrounds. Some were theatre actors, comedians, or models, or one of many other things. The truth is that anyone who really wants to be an actor can learn and develop the talent for acting. It may take months or it may take years, but if you want to be a good actor, here are 5 tips you should certainly remember for a successful acting career.

  1. Don’t be afraid of failure. As you step out into the spotlight, you will draw attention. Lots of people will be looking at you, criticizing, judging, liking or disliking, and you need to be able to not care one bit about what they say. You need to believe in yourself and not depend on the good opinions of others in order to perform or be happy. Otherwise your acting career will never go anywhere and all you’ll be left with are feelings of inadequacy.
  2. Good acting is not about doing certain motions, saying lines, or looking like a certain p...

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Playing the Ukelele
Ukulele Lessons and Tips
One of the lesser known relative of the great guitar, the ukulele, is full of personality and verve. It’s just a small instrument, but it can be played with great energy and enthusiasm, and many great songs have been blessed by the simple and sweet touch of the ukulele. If you are looking to learn a different and unique instrument , then you should definitely look into playing the ukulele.

Traditionally, the ukulele hails from Hawaii and was apparently a combination of stringed instruments brought to that island originally by Portugal immigrants. However as with all modern instruments, more commonly it is now found in many additional genres of music recordings and performances throughout the US and the world. In 1993, the instrument found its way into the spotlight with Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole’s famous recording of “Over the Rainbow.”

Although the ukulele is less common than the guitar, it is very similar in many ways, and for that reason many guitar and banjo pla...

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Piano at charity event Dinka Kids djembe school in Tanzania event Schimmel
The Piano Chords Chart: Sheet Music for the Piano Version
Learning to play the piano can be fun, simple and relaxing when you find the right program or instructor and the sheet music for the piano version of a song you like. Although many students want to learn to play the piano by ear immediately, it’s also important to be able to learn music theory, and reading notes to help gain a greater skill and proficiency. A good piano chords chart of your favorite song can be helpful in practicing for all of these endeavors.

Learning to play the piano is broken down into basic steps. The beginning stages of learning will take a student through basic knowledge of the keyboard and the difference between white keys (letter notes) and black keys (sharps). As a student begins to learn music, chords are introduced and taught in sequence with the most common chords coming first, and steadily progressing through to the more complicated ones.

In the be...

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Ballroom Dance
Ballroom Dancing for Every Level
Ballroom dancing is an extremely fast-paced, energetic, and enjoyable dance style that almost anyone can learn. It is also very entertaining and delightful to watch! Many people enjoy ballroom dancing as a hobby, which is a good idea, as it enhances coordination, and is very good exercise, strengthening the heart, lungs, and muscles of your body.

p class="MsoNormal">When watching ballroom dancing, it can appear nearly impossible to do some of the moves, fast-paced steps, twists and jumps that the professionals perform with seeming ease. However, anyone can have fun with it, provided simple guided lessons are taken and sufficient time is spent practicing. It’s well worth it, as the benefits are great—not only health-wise, but also "spirit-wise." It is fun and enjoyable on every level, whether as a spectator, teacher, professional, or a beginner! Within just a few lessons, most beginners can perform a simple routine, and simply build from there.

Ballroom dancing is also...

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A Harmonica
How to Play the Harmonica
It is a classic image. The crowd thickens around a stooped man in well worn overalls merrily playing the blues harmonica, the notes seeming to fly from the hands cupped around his mouth to the poised ears of the inspired listeners. Playing the harmonica has always seemed to carry a unique and definite charm.

How hard could it be? One way to define playing the harmonica is that it is supremely easy to learn to play, but on the other hand, extremely difficult to master.

Yet, if you’re sure that playing the harmonica is the hobby for you, then take some time to look into your options and sign up for lessons or hire a private tutor. Everyone wants their time spent to be worthwhile; and with playing the harmonica it is no different.

But this choosing between a private tutor and a music school may not be easy. Obvious benefits of a tutor are the flexibilities of the schedule, time saved in transport, and more. Still, if you are set on playing the harmonica, whether you...

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