A Clarinet
Learning the Clarinet in no Time
The word “clarinet” means “little trumpet,” but the instrument is actually a member of the woodwind family rather than the brass. Its tone, however, is slightly similar to that of the trumpet, and it is the largest instrument of the woodwind family. It has a strident and strong yet beautiful sound, making it an extremely versatile and popular instrument in bands and orchestras.

It is interesting to note that although the clarinet makes a very distinctive sound, it is quite variable in it’s stylistic function depending on the type of music involved. If you listen to famous big band players like Woody Herman and Benny Goodman, you will notice a much different style of playing than that of a classical performance. It will be important to assess your stylistic and musical goals and make sure that they align with the stylistic skill set of your instruction.

If you love clarinet music and have an interest in learning it yourself, then there are ways for you to study a...

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Cello Practice
Online Cello Classes and Resources
The second largest and most popular member of the violin family, the cello, is a truly incredible instrument. It has a great range and a marvelous and stirring sound when played by a pro. An increased interest in the cello and its music has been seen since the world started to recognize the true beauty and elegance of cello music. If you like so many others are interested in studying this instrument, then you can find many useful resources, such as cello sheet music, cello scales and exercises for learning the cello completely for free on the internet.

The internet is full of extremely useful resources for learning all sorts of things, and cello sheet music and instructions are not exceptions. These hidden gems can be discovered with only a relatively small amount of searching if you know a few tips and tricks about where they are. For instance, there are entire websites dedicated to free sheet music, and they have cello sheet music in all different styles and levels of difficul...

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Double Bass Playing
Playing the Double Bass Easily
If you are interested in learning an impressive musical instrument that is used in nearly all styles and genres of music, you will see the advantages of playing the double bass. This instrument, also called the string bass, standup base, or contrabass has been in existence since the 15th century. Playing the double bass has been an essential in genres and styles such as jazz music, world famous blues, rock and roll, and more traditionally country, bluegrass, tango, and many variants of folk music. Not to be confused with the more common acoustic bass guitar, playing the double bass has been an instrument for music production and performance for a long, long time.

Playing the double bass is not beyond the reach of any individual interested in learning it. Though it may require an initial investment, learning to play well and with ease is something within your reach.

The first step to get you on the road to playing the double bass is purchasing one. One can be found at most...

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Bass Guitarist
Resources for Learning Bass Guitar
Learning to play the bass can be a fun and useful way for an interested person or musician to spend their time. Bass is a versatile and extremely fundamental instrument and a great choice whether you have musical experience or not. Bass guitar lessons and resources for learning the bass are extremely useful, and can be found in many places online.

One of the greatest and most useful resources, whether you are taking bass guitar lessons or not, is an online tuner. You can find hundreds of completely free online bass guitar tuners which can help you at the beginning of your practices and bass guitar lessons.

Finding free online bass guitar lessons is also extremely easy because it is such a popular instrument. You can find thousands upon thousands of instructional videos, completely for free, on YouTube and popular video sites. These videos are uploaded by users ranging from expert bass players to bass guitar tutors to students like you, and can provide a great deal of usef...

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The Supplement Logo
The Supplement Punk Rock
The Supplement Punk Rock is a part of a genre, a music genre that has come a long ways. There are some that would argue its dead, but that’s only because they do not have access to the places it’s been going since the 70’s. Originally, punk rock was the name given to bands that rocked out in their garages during the 60’s. Typically these musicians weren’t trained, and didn’t know or follow any kind of rules. Their sound was raw, often politically charged, crude, and most often violent.

While the ultimate beginnings are a topic of hot debate today, it is usually agreed that the initial real and concrete punk rock scene appeared in New York in the middle of the 70’s. Today it’s spread far and wide and is extremely active online. This article is a review of The Supplement’s new album.

The Supplement Punk Rock Upsides

The 13 songs on their debut album pay homage to the more old school sound of punk, while also providing quali...

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A Microphone for Singing Voices
Train Your Voice with a Teacher
Do you think you could potentially be a great singer? Perhaps all you would need to launch a successful music career are a few singing lessons. Even someone with a supposedly terrible voice can learn to sing like a professional by regularly doing voice exercises, scales, and singing practices. You too can become a good singer if you follow the advice below.

One of the most interesting facts about singing lessons is that much of the technique pertains to breathing. The flow of air is actually what causes the vocal chords to make sound, and therefore the technique of correct and relaxed breathing must be learned before one can experience the full benefits of correct vocalizing. As you may imagine, these techniques have other benefits as well, including improving one’s speech and vocal stamina.

Have you ever wondered why some people can speak through a cold and others lose their voice? Correct breathing as it relates to correct singing can influence this directly. Research...

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Girl Playing Violin
Why Music Matters
Having been both a musician and music educator for most of my life, when I hear about cutbacks in music education, I often find it hard to bite my lip and keep quiet. Close to 200,000 teacher jobs bit the dust last year, and many school music programs were either hit hard or obliterated altogether. So to ring in the new year, I decided this time instead of just sounding off to a couple of people, I am going to preach the gospel of music in print for a change.

As a former teacher now partnering with companies to work on a conglomerate of education-based websites set to launch in the middle of this year, I have found myself knee deep in a business and tech community where I expected many to view my background in music with a degree of condescension and perhaps skepticism. However, what I have encountered instead surprised me. Our first advisors and investors in the project were quick to point out that musicians (that is to say, people who play music) tend to have favorable ...

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Virtuoso Flute
Affordable Flute Virtuoso Classes
As a parent, it is probably a dream you have for your kid to learn several musical instruments. Of these common instruments you can teach your kid, a flute can be one of those basic and easiest ones to play.

The flute is a uniquely straight and small instrument and a member of the woodwind family, and one of its unique characteristics is the trajectory at which it is played. The student must blow down yet almost across the opening to make quality sound, and this technique will take a bit of time at first to master to become a virtuoso. Beginning flutists may be interested to know that playing this instrument is much like singing in that the importance of breathing and proper posture are essential to its success. This is described in great detail in the book “Body Mapping for Flutists” by Lea pearson.

Learning the flute is not a really hard task but if, as a parent, you are not skilled in playing the flute, your next resort would be enrolling your child in flute virtuo...

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